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Women led organization of 100 + members working for last 30 years towards sustainable development of India.

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Manjushree Tadvalkar

Soil is the backbone of our society. From bountiful crops and high-quality food to even clean air and water, soil has numerous offerings for life on our planet. Hence, at Inora Biotech, we are committed to soil and to everything that comes from the soil and ends up in the soil. Everything we offer to our clients revolves around a single objective – soil enrichment.

Nutan Bhajekar

Urban Gardening is going to change significantly is the next 5 -10 years. The urban gardeners should ideally use majority part of their land for edible plantation. Growing your food on your terrace, in your backyard, in the housing society premises is an upcoming trend. We have to utilize our lands for growing our food.

Vrinda Panhalkar

Microbial solutions are very effective for nutrition and pest and disease management. Microbial inoculants are not the source of nutrition but they make the nutrition available to the plants. We take inspiration from nature every single day at INORA and we are confident that these natural microbial solutions can solve most of the problems in farming.

Team & Facilities

At INORA, we are backed by a formidable team of seasoned biotechnologists, microbiologists, gardeners, urban farmers, and waste management experts. Our headquarters, nestled in Bavdhan, Pune, serves as the hub for the sales and distribution of our wide array of farming, gardening, and waste management products – encompassing biofertilizers, biopesticides, decomposers, and soil amendments. Our team is always ready to guide visitors in understanding the nuances of organic farming, urban agriculture, home composting, and community-level composting. You can even witness city farming and waste management technologies firsthand in our office environment.

Our Darawali facility is the cornerstone for research and development and the manufacturing of all our products. Here, we conduct rigorous research on composting, vermicomposting, and biogas technologies. Moreover, our work extends to developing microbiological products aimed at enhancing soil biological fertility. In our nursery, we cultivate plants that can be integrated into organic farm systems, composting systems, and indoor pollution remediation.

Our state-of-the-art, in-house laboratory is designed for the development of cultures and farming inputs. This facility is equipped to analyze environmental samples such as soil, water, and effluents from ETP and STP sludge.

At INORA, we are committed to the sustainable development of India through our innovative and comprehensive approach.