Inocare is all in one disease and pest management product specially formulated for gardeners.

Active Microbes:
  • Trichoderma, Beauveria, Verticillium, Metarhizium, Paecilomyces Pseudomonas, B. subtilis.

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  1. Eliminates pathogenic microbes.
  2. Once the spores of entemopathogenic fungi comes in contact with surface of target insect, germinate and begin to grow, they then penetrate through and grow very rapidly inside the insect body. By this way fungus proliferates throughout the insect’s body, draining the insect of nutrients eventually causes death of insect pest.
  3. Acts as Nematocide.
  4. Compete against disease causing microbial organisms.
  • These should not be applied to flowers visited by pollinating insects.
  • It is completely organic and safe to human, mammals, animals, predators and parasites.
  • It can be used for integrated disease management as it is compatible with various chemical fungicides and pesticides.
  • Can be used as preventive measure.
  • Does not create resistance and resurgence problems.
  • It is Eco friendly and residue free.
  • Soil must be rich in Organic matter for inocare to get its effect.
  • This should be used after 8 to 10 days of application of chemical fertilizers or pesticides.

For best results, applications should be made during early growth stages of the insect before much damage has occurred.
Always use in evening time.

Microbial Culture 2 %
Nutrient Media along with cell biomass residue 10%
Glycerol 1%
Water 87%
Total 100%
Method of Application Dosage How to use?
Soil Application Mix 10 g INOCARE in 1 Kg of compost and then broadcast in the use for spraying in early morning or evening on affected plants.

100 ML

Target pests:

Mealybugs, White flies, Aphids, nematodes, sucking pests

Shelf Life:

1 Year

Target Diseases:

root rot, stem rot, downy and powdery mildews.


Suitable for all types of plants and wide range of pests.


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