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In Situ Composting Solutions by INORA

Areas for In situ composting

We believe in the philosophy of managing waste at source. We have case studies of over a thousand of successful installations, from individual households to huge food processing companies. In situ composting not only improves the waste management system but also gives the opportunity to utilize the compost for building a circular chain.


Identify, Segregate, Compost!

Housing Societies

Waste, Space and Will!


Policy, Schemes, System!

Food Processing Companies

Quantification, Qualification, Implementation!

INORA’s Composter Planter

The Composter Planter, a highly successful innovation by INORA, has been adopted by over 10000 urban and rural families in the city and nearby villages. This versatile container can efficiently decompose 1 kg of kitchen and garden waste every day. By attaching elbows to the container walls, it transforms into a planter where you can grow beneficial plants like tomatoes, brinjals, chilies, tulsi, aloe vera, basil, and more. If composting is the goal, simply use the aeration holes provided without elbow fittings. The Composter Planter is an all-in-one solution, serving as a composting unit, a soil-free garden, and a beautiful decorative item to enhance any space.

Key Features of INORA Composting


We can compost organic waste from 1 Kg per day to Hundreds of tons per day in different climatic conditions.

After Composting

Use the compost in Gardens. Enjoy the satisfaction of cultivating your favorite fruits and vegetables.


It takes 30 -40 days to compost and built for longevity, the systems will manage your wet waste seamlessly for decades.

Installation Sites

Flexible for placement on the terrace, balcony, parking or garden, fitting comfortably into your living space.

Housing Societies Adopting Home Composting

Housing Societies Adopting Home Composting