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  • INOVAM (Mycorrhizal Biofertilizer)


    INOVAM Pro is a vesicular arbuscular mycorrhiza contains spores of the specific fungi which grow symbiotically in the roots of the plants.

    Active Microbes:
    • Mycorrhizal species.

    From 468.00

    INOBAC is a Biocontrol agent contains naturally occurring beneficial bacteria capable of protecting plants from disease causing pathogens.

    Active Microbes:
    • Bacillus subtilis

    From 100.00

    Active Ingredient:
    • Vermicompost

    From 468.00

    INOPHOS is a Biofertilizer based on a selective strain of phosphate solubilizing beneficial bacteria.

    Active Microbes:
    • Bacillus megatherium,
    • Bacillus polymixa,
    • Pseudomonas striata.

    From 468.00

    INO-N-FIX AZOSPIRRILUM is a Biofertilizer based on a selective strain of free living and non-symbiotic Nitrogen Fixing Bacteria which perform well in water logging conditions.

    Active Microbes:

    • Azospirillum spp.


    Composting is one of the most cost effective and Do-It-Yourself method for recycling organic wastes. Cities are now promoting house hold composting of organic waste and extreme level of decentralization is being promoted for treatment of organic waste by composting.
    While doing composting in societies or in households certain aspects are to be considered like,

    • Breeding of houseflies, drosophila and grubs in the compost bins
    • Changing pH of compost matrix due to different types of kitchen scraps being added in the process..
    • Unwanted microbial load present in organic residuals, by-products and substrates.

    Such aspects can cause a variety of occupational, food-chain and environmental risks. To avoid these factors occurring intermittently in the composting container, it is important to maintain the pH of the process in neutral range and maintain sanitization of the process.



    INORA’s Compost Culture is a microbial culture which decomposed waste organic material in a favourable warm, moist, and aerobic environment that release nutrients into readily available forms for plant use.

  • PiNaK

    From 468.00

    Unique Biofertilizer Consortium of N-fixing, P-Solubilizing and K-Mobilizing bacteria which helps plant to make available essential nutrients.

    Active Microbes:
    • Azotobacter chroococcum,
    • Bacillus megatherium,
    • Fraturia aurentia.

    From 330.00

    INOVERIA is a Biopesticide containing the spores of the specific entomopathogenic fungus Beauveria bassiana.

    Active Microbes:
    • Beauveria bassiana

    From 365.00

    INOZINC is a liquid Biofertilizers based on a selective strain of naturally occurring Zinc Solubilizing Bacteria.

    Active Microbes:
    • Pseudomonas spp.

    From 210.00

    IVEM-UF is a nutritious extract of fermentation by an efficient group of bacteria, and fungi enrich with essential organic constituents.

    Active Microbes:
    • Lactic acid bacteria
    • Trichoderma spp.
    • Bacillus spp.
    • Yeasts like Saccharomyces cerevisae and Candida utilis.

    From 468.00

    INOSILICA is a liquid Biofertilizers based on a selective strain of Silica mobilizing bacteria. 

    Active Microbes:

    • Bacillus mucilaginosus.

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