INOVAM (Mycorrhizal Biofertilizer)


INOVAM Pro is a vesicular arbuscular mycorrhiza contains spores of the specific fungi which grow symbiotically in the roots of the plants.

Active Microbes:
  • Mycorrhizal species.

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It can explore soil material that roots and root hairs cannot reach and provide a large surface area for absorption of important mineral nutrients by accelerating root development which is beneficial for the plant partner in nutrient deficient soils (especially P-deficient).
  • It helps plants to absorb and mobilize phosphorous, water and other essential & micro nutrients in their easily available form.
  • It stimulates plant growth and crop yields.
  • It boosts plant’s immune system and makes them less susceptible to soil borne pathogenic diseases and resistant against harmful insects
  • It tolerates to adverse stress conditions like drought, salinity, water logging and heavy metal pollution etc.
  • It helps to improve organic matter content and texture of the soil.
  • Its application maintains ecological balance.
  • It is compatible with other biofertilizers.
  • It is Eco friendly and residue free.
  • Organic matter must be present in the soil for Biofertilizers to work.
  • Biofertilizers should be used after 8 to 10 days of application of chemical fertilizers or pesticides.
Vascular Arbuscular Mycorrhiza 1 % w/w
Potassium Humate Q. S.
Total 100%
Method of Application Dosage How to use?
Drenching or Drip 250 Gram / Acre Mix 250 g in organic compost required for one acre area or in 200 Litres of water and provide in root zone over.
Seed Treatment 250 Gram / Acre Mix 250 g with seeds for one acre area gently with minimum amount of water and let the seeds dry under the shade and then use for sowing.

100 G

Infectivity Potential:

80 Infection Points / g (min)


6.0 to 7.5

Moisture :

8 – 12 % (max)

Formulation Base :

Fine Powder


For all annual crops, vegetables, fruit trees, flowering plants, Banana, Sugarcane, forestry and orchards.


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